Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws represent the most important legal document of an association, establishing and protecting the rights of the membership.  A unit’s bylaws link the association to the Virginia PTA and National PTA by which they are chartered.  Bylaws represent the written contract between the general membership and their elected officials, specifying what duties and responsibilities are assigned to each respective group.

RCMS PTA Bylaws were revised and approved by the Virginia PTA in July 2013.
Click below for a copy.
Bylaws for Rachel Carson Middle School PTA

Draft Revised Bylaws
Note: Draft Bylaws to be voted on April 26 at the General PTA Membership Meeting


RCMS PTA Refund Policy
All sales of PTA items are final as specified in the PTA Refund Policy below.
PTA Refund Policy


RCMS PTA Insufficient Funds Policy
Payment for PTA purchases are to made using a credit card through the PTA’s Online Payment Processing System (Pay4SchoolStuff).
In the event that a check is accepted for a purchase, the Insufficient Funds Policy below will apply.
PTA Insufficient Funds Policy

RCMS PTA Reimbursement Procedures
Expenses submitted for payment or reimbursement must be budgeted and approved as specified in the procedures below.
PTA Reimbursement Procedures


RCMS PTA Money Handling & Deposit Procedures
PTA funds obtained and collected are to be handled and deposited as specified in the procedures below.
PTA Money Handling & Deposit Procedures