faqPay4SchoolStuff (P4SS) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In the Spring of 2014, the RCMS PTA Board began looking for an electronic online system to provide registration and credit card payment support for RCMS programs.  After careful research, the system called “Pay4SchoolStuff” was selected.

Who developed “Pay4SchoolStuff”?
Pay4SchoolStuff (P4SS) was developed by a company named Payment Partners, Inc.  This is a local company located in Falls Church, VA.  The president and owner of the company is Jay Bass, a former FCPS teacher.  The system is widely used across the United States, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of schools and school affiliated organizatons.  

Why was the P4SS system implemented at RCMS?
To provide more convenience to RCMS parents and also improve overall PTA operations.   Benefits include:
– Paper forms are no longer copied and sent home for 1,500 students (saves paper, toner, and copier wear/tear).
– Paper forms and checks are not misplaced in student backpacks, classrooms, school offices.
– Parents can purchase items 24-7 from a computer using a credit card.
– Teachers and office personnel no longer have to waste instruction or planning time to deliver forms/checks to the appropriate office locations.
– Workload for PTA volunteers is reduced (no need for PTA volunteers to pick-up forms/checks multiple times per week or manually track forms/payments).
– PTA funds are automatically deposited into the PTA bank account, improving overall money management (funds are no longer transferred between multiple hands).
– PTA financial recordkeeping is more efficient and accurate.
– A centralized data manangement system is established.

What other FCPS schools use P4SS?
Many FCPS school are now using P4SS.  Some nearby schools are Chantilly High, Floris Elementary, Fox Mill Elementary.  Many Loudoun County Schools are also utilizing the P4SS system.
Parents with students at different schools can use the same userID and password to access information and purchase items for all their students (at different schools) in one place!

Are processing fees added to the purchases?
Yes.  Just like every other online payment processing system (such as Paypal), there are payment processing fees associated with each transaction.  The P4SS payment processor is Authorize.net.  Processing fees are built in to the cost of the item.

Is the P4SS system secure?
Yes.  The P4SS system is certified as secure under industry standards and provided layered encryption.  Additionally, your payment information (credit card) is only used for payment processing at the time of purchase and is never stored or saved.  This is why you will need to enter your credit card number and expiration date in for each purchase.

Will information in the system be shared?
No.  The data within the system will not be shared outside the Rachel Carson Middle School PTA and school.  Information will only be provided to PTA Volunteers and school staff as needed to process registrations, submit purchase orders, and compile PTA membership lists and emails.  The PTA is also required to provide PTA membership list information to the Virginia PTA and Fairfax County Council of PTA’s per PTA Bylaws.  The PTA is committed to respecting your privacy and managing personal information responsibly.

Why should I have a P4SS account?
For many reasons, including:
– You can support your child and school with a PTA Donation.
– You can join the PTA.
– You can purchase the Student Directory, Spiritwear, Event Tickets.
Creating a parent account is easy and quick!  Set up your today and start shopping!

Who can I contact for more information or for help?
Contact the RCMS PTA Pay4SchoolStuff Chairperson at rcmspta@gmail.com.
If your question or problem cannot be resolved by our Chairperson, we will contact Payment Partners, Inc. to further address the issue!

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