Shopping Instructions



Shopping on Pay4SchoolStuff is easy!!

The following credit cards are accepted:  Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

 Credit card information is not saved within the system.  You must enter credit card information for each purchase.


Shopping Instructions

1.   Click the “Pay4SchoolStuff” (P4SS) button.

2.   Login.  You must have a P4SS Account.  To open a new P4SS Account, Click “Parents—Get Started Now.”

3.   Click “Select” next to the student name you are shopping for.

4.   Select the items you wish to purchase.  Be sure to provide all information for the purchase.
If you do not see the item you are looking for, the item is either sold out or no longer available.

5.   Click “Add to Cart.”

6.   Click “Back” to continue shopping or “Pay Now” to complete the purchase.

7.   Enter credit card information.  IMPORTANT:  Click “PAY” to finalize transaction!

8.  You should receive a purchase confirmation notice immediately and an email receipt.

Questions?  Contact us at