View Your Purchase Report

Click to go to the PTA's online payment system.  PURCHASE ITEMS HERE!

Would you like to verify that your transaction was processed?
Do you want an itemized list of your transactions for the month?  Year?  By Student?

Generate a report on your account in 5 easy steps:
1.  Click the “Pay4SchoolStuff” button and Log-in to your account.
2.  Click “Parent Options” at the top of the page.
3.  Click “Generate Reports”
4.  Select the type of report you would like:  View all items purchased by date, View all items purchased by student, or Select items by date.
5.  Click “Generate Report”

The transactions listed on your “Pay4SchoolStuff” report should be consistent with your credit card statements.

If you find an error or have any questions pertaining to your account, please contact us immediately for assistance at

Note:  To edit your account, Click on the “Edit Account” tab under “Parent Options”